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Pull your halo down around your neck

and tug yourself off your cloud...

25 October
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Hello there, my name is Samantha and I live in the wonderfully moronic state of Maine. I'm sixteen-years-old and I'm a junior in High School. I love to listen to music - it's basically my life. I love old films - those ones from like the 60's, like 'The Embalmer,' 'Wasp Woman,' etc. :) They're so very scary. I love indie films and foreign films. Horror movies are the absolute best. I think I have insomnia. I never sleep. I'm up until about 4-5 a.m. every day. I passed my driver's license test the second time. I love to drive. I have no job and I am desperately seeking one. I need money. I am fascinated by body modification. I also am a big fan of magic, I love the new series 'Mind Freak' on A & E. It extremely exciting. I love illusion and all kinds of magic. It's mesmerizing. Well, I'll wrap this up. Just check out my journal - add me, do what you want. Oh, and check out my community ___attractionx (a personality rating community - I swear, pictures are not required).

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