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I think I'm going to make a new username. I feel like make a fresh start, new haircut, new color, new journal. Ha.

Everyone is yelling right now. My brother keeps losing his test, so he's basically lying about his bloodsugar numbers. Mr. Golder told my brother he had his meter, and my brother couldn't tell my dad. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I've decided that I am going to change my journal to: turnstochaos; so, if you're reading this... add it!

I'm out.


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I have totally been neglectling my lj. I have had no motivation, not even enough to get on the computer. That's how bad it's been for me. I come home everyday and go to sleep for 3 or 4 hours. I wake up, strain through homework, read some of my book and conk off to sleep. Life has been pretty sucky lately. Jessica and I are no longer friends, Danielle says she's not mad at me, but I know she's probably not talking to me because Jessica and I aren't friends. Ben just ignores me and I really can't stand Karl's attitude. Danielle says she's not mad at me, but then why would she ignore me in photography and talk to Amber, the person she "fucking hates because she's disgusting." Right. That makes a whole lot of sense. Everyday, I just wish I could move away and start everything over. New friends. New everything. I hate this fucking state, town, all the people, everything. I need a car... I need another job. I got fucking fired. Yeah, I don't even want to type it. It was a bullshit job anyway.

So yeah, tonight I was driving to Tozier's with my brother and I saw Karl, DAnielle and Ben. I beeped, slowed down and waved, and even my brother waved and they just looked at me. I was so pissed. My brother is like, "Do they not like you anymore?"

I was like... I guess not... whatever. I don't get people. If I don't like a person, I tell them, I don't ignore them and act like an asshole.


I suppose that is all I have to say for now. I'll probably update tomorrow and Monday... 4 day weekend. Sweet. PSATS on Wednesday. Wonderful.


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Hey, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I've been busy with school and stuff. My schedule is alright.

Blue Day:
B1 - English 11
B2 - Algebra II
B3 - Chemistry
B4 - Lab 11

White Day:
W1 - World History
W2 - Gym (Yuck)
W3 - Spanish III
W4 - Photography

I love photography. I'm too into Chemistry because I hate doing experiments because I always fuck up. And of course, James has to be in that class. I hate him. He's always staring at me.

Today on the bus, these little 7th grade bitches were making fun of this quiet little girl, who's in the same grade as them. I was getting so mad, especially when I think the little girl started crying. I looked at Brooke and raised my eyebrows at her, and we were like "What the fuck is wrong with these assholes?"

So, she turned around and was like, "Why are you guys being such dicks?"

You should've seen the look on their faces.

"Why are you making fun of her? She's not saying anything to you, you dumb bitches!"

They moved to the back of the bus, then they felt so brave to try and yell shit to us. Little 7th graders. Good Lord.

Ugh. Tonight Dani and I might go see The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and yeah, I'm talking to Danielle again. I love her too much to not talk to her. I never get to see her and Jessica anymore though:( They're big, bad seniors and I'm a poor, lonely junior.

Rock on.
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I feel bad for neglecting my LJ. I will post now. It's 3:30 in the morning. I worked from 5:45 - 10:15ish, because I couldn't find a ride from ANYONE at 3:30 to be in for 4. Oh well. I got paid today. 75 bucks. I'm going to go to Maine Tattoo tomorrow, if I can/if I have time to get my 'anti tragus' pierced.

Monday is my dad's birthday. 5-0. I'm totally getting him some of that over the hill crap! It's also labor day. Hmm. I wish that we had a big family, or a family with a lot of friends so that we could have a party... but... we don't. Oh well.

Okay, my depressing, teen angst story of the week is:
I was at Danielle's house for about 5 hours one night, we were going to hang with Karl, but he ditched us for Ben. So, I called my mom from Danielle's house and asked to stay the night, she said yes, blah blah. We had fun talking and playing games and stuff because we pulled an all nighter. Anyway, Karl gets online at 7:00(am) and DAnielle tells him to come over, so he comes over around 8. he brings some SOCO with him. Okay, first of all, that stuff is sick, 2nd of all it was 8 AM. I took a swig and it burned my throat so I was like, all right that's enough. So they decided to pull out their weed and get high. I just sat there watching them. Boring. Then, I just sat on the couch while they were retarded. I then called my mom and she said I should probably go home and get ready for work. I tried calling everyone to try to pick me up, but no one was home. By this time, Danielle was being a real BITCH. She was like going what's wrong why do you hate me and crap like that, and I was just like I don't, nothing. I'm tired and I need to go home. So she tells me to sleep in her room and I was like No. I'm just going to walk home. (It's approximately 5 miles, and 12 minutes by car.) She's like you're shitting me sam, and I just said, no... I need to go home. So I went and cgrabbed my shit from her room and she comes in and grabs her sweatshirt as if she were going to come with me, at least walk me to the door. I said, you don't have to go, and she's like I know, I wasn't going to. I was so pissed, she just went back out and sat on the couch and made faces to karl at me as I closed the door. I was so mad, I was just walking out of the apartment place and I just cried because she has never been so mean to me. It took me an hour to walk 4 miles. Then, with like a mile left, Danny R. drove by me and I saw him and he turned around and asked me if I wanted a ride and I was like YES! Thank you!
Ever since Danielle has started hanging out with Karl, she thinks she's so great. Now all of the sudden she's all about what guys think and what they say to her. I'm really mad at her, and I won't even talk to her. I hold a grudge really easily, and I know that's wrong or whatever, but I don't care. She should apologize and she hasn't. Whatever, I don't need her bull shit.

Yeah. So anyway, that was my big update. On the bright side, walking those 4 miles, I lost 5 lbs haha. YAY!

WEll, I am going to go now.


Sam xoxoxo
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Oi... I just don't even know anymore. JB is my new best friend:) He makes me laugh:

*JB*: I want fruit but all our fruit isn't ripe enough mom got some peaches but they're rock hard
turnstochaos: i'm a peach!:-)
*JB*: HAHAHA I didn't think of that
*JB*: Ae you hard?
*JB*: Are*
turnstochaos: hmmm only when i talk to you
turnstochaos: hahah j/k:-P
*JB*: ....HAHAHA
*JB*: Well can you stop talking to me so I can eat you?
*JB*: ...
*JB*: Wow.
*JB*: Didn't sound right

I love him!:) Yay! Everytime I feel sad he makes me feel better. Those are the kind of friends I need:)
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you know, people irritate me. I don't like bush like any other person, and whatever, but I hate when people say why are we in the war? bush only has us over there for oil!! blah blah, do people just forget about september 11? I thought that's why we were there. Hm. I must be wrong.